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CFB Gander

Last modified: 06 Mar 2018

Country: Canada    Region: Newfoundland

Locale: Gander

Latitude: 48° 56' 39" N     Longitude: -55° 25' 18" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


CFB Gander - Military part of Gander Intl. Airpt.
Home of:
- CAF 9 Wing responsible for providing SAR services throughout Newfoundland, Labrador and northeastern Quebec.
- 103 SAR Sq operating CH-149 Cormorant
- 91 Construction Engineering Flight
- 9 Air Reserve Flight
- Air Reserve Flight Torbay provides service & suppt to CAF and NATO aircraft and crews transiting through St. John’s International Airport
- CF Coastal Radar on behalf of Fighter Group Canadian NORAD Region Hq.
- CF Recruiting Centre Detachment
- 5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. Responsible for the area of Newfoundland / Labrador and reporting to the 5th Canadian Division

- CFS Leitrim Detachment operateing/maintaining THE AN/FRD-10 signals intelligence facility at grid 48°57'3"N 54°31'26"W (See CFS Leitrim).

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