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CFB Shearwater

Last modified: 20 Mar 2020

Country: Canada    Region: Nova Scotia

Locale: Halifax

Latitude: 44° 38' 22" N     Longitude: -64° 30' 2" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4438'7"N 6330'43"W CFB Shearwater, ICAO: CYAW. Naval aviation center.
In 1962 storage of 30 nuclear depthcharges was planned and built at grid 4438'05"N 6329'35"W.
However they were never delivered and the 3 bunkers have been demolished.
Following a base rationalization program in the mid-1990s CFB Shearwater closed as a separate formation and realigned the property's various facilities into CFB Halifax.

Currently homebase of:
- 12 Naval Aviation Wing operating CH-124 Sea Kings to be replaced by CH-148 Cyclones supporting the Navy with 9 detachments for international and domestic ops. operating from 2 locations with 4 sqns.
- 406 Maritime Operational Training Sq, operational training sqn for all maritime helicopter aircrew in the Canadian Forces.
- 423 Maritime Helicopter Sq, provides CH-124 Sea Kings for Maritime Forces Atlantic warships.
- 12 Air Maintenance Sq.

Patricia Bay, British Columbia heliport
- 443 Maritime Helicopter Sq, operational sqn based at which provides CH-124 Sea King helicopters for Maritime Forces Pacific warships.


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