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CFB Greenwood

Last modified: 20 Mar 2020

Country: Canada    Region: Nova Scotia

Locale: Greenwood

Latitude: 44° 59' 12" N     Longitude: -65° 5' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


CFB Greenwood is Canada's largest operational airbase on the Atlantic coast, based on numbers of aircraft and personnel hosting:
- CAF 14 Maritime Surveillance Wing
- 404 Longrange Patrol & Training Sq and 405 Longrange Patrol Sq both operating CP-140 Aurora
- 413 Trsp & Rescue Sq operating CH-149 Cormorant & C-130Hercules
- 14 Air Maintenance Sq
- 14 Air Reserve Flight

Dislocated units
-14 Construction Engineering Sq (14 CES) (at Bridgewater, N.S.)
- 91 Construction Engineering Flight (91 CEF) (at Gander, N.L.)
- 143 Construction Engineering Flight (143 CEF) (at Lunenburg, N.S.)
- 144 Construction Engineering Flight (144 CEF) (at Pictou, N.S.)

Together with CFB Gander and CFB Goose Bay, CFB Greenwood is presently also being used as a forward deployment base for CF-18 Hornet interceptor aircraft rotating in from CFB Bagotville as part of NORAD's post-9/11 response to concerns about civilian airline security along North America's east coast. CFB Greenwood also hosts a Royal Canadian Air Cadets summer training centre, CSTC Greenwood.

CP-140 Aurora, ASW/longrange maritime patrol
CP-140A Arcturus, long-range maritime/Arctic patrol
CH-149 Cormorant, air-sea rescue
CC-130 Hercules, air-sea rescue, transport

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