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Army Swanbourne

Last modified: 17 Aug 2015

Country: Australia    Region: WA

Latitude: 31° 58' 4" S     Longitude: 115° 45' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: SAS Regt


Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne: The Army’s Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)

The regiment is a direct command unit of the Special Operations Command, has been involved in ops in Borneo during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation, the Vietnam War, Somalia, Kuwait, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as peacekeeping missions. It also provides a counter-terrorist capability and has been involved in a number of domestic security ops.

SASR s primarily structured to conduct covert long-range recon and surveillance in small teams in enemy-controlled territory, while commando units are utilised to conduct raids in larger groups.

Regimental size is classified and estimated at 500 personnel. It is a battalion-sized element and is made up of an Hq, 3 squadrons, a support squadron, a base squadron and a signals unit. Two squadrons maintain the warfighting capability and train for operational contingencies, while the third squadron is maintained on rotation for counter terrorist or recovery ops.

Each squadron is appx 90-strong and divided into a Water Troop, a Free-Fall Troop and a Land Troop.
A troop comprises 4 patrols with 6 operators in each patrol, commanded by a captain. A patrol is commanded by a sergeant.

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