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Air Force Tindal

Last modified: 20 Aug 2015

Country: Australia    Region: NT

Locale: Katherine

Latitude: 14° 31' 15" S     Longitude: 132° 22' 40" E

Area use / Military Branches: Airbase


Base constructed 1942 but is the AF youngest operational base (except the bare bases) and an important defence base. Originally Carson's Airfield in WW2, it has been upgraded and extended for commercial use. In 1984, the government decided to establish an airbase at Tindal. RAAF Tindal officially opened 1988 and will be future homebase of a F35 Lightning II strike sqn as of 2017.

Current Air Force units:
- 17 Squadron (including Delamere Air Weapons Range)
- No 2 Security Force Detachment Tindal
- 2 Squadron Detachment Tindal
- 28 Squadron Detachment Tindal
- 3 Control and Reporting Unit Detachment Tindal
- 452 Squadron Tindal Flight
- 75 Squadron operating F-18A/B's
- Chief Information Officer Group - Communications Security Tindal
- Defence Community Organisation
- Defence Support Reform Group - Base Support Tindal
- Tindal Health Centre
- 2 Expeditionary Health Squadron Detachment Tindal
- Joint Health Unit Northern Territory

- Army: North-West Mobile Force (NORFORCE) has an on-base detachment.

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