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Camp Bastion

Last modified: 13 Nov 2011

Country: Afghanistan    Region: Helmand

Locale: NW Lashkar Gaw

Latitude: 31° 52' 4" N     Longitude: 64° 11' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: NATO Joint Forward Operating Base


Camp Bastion airfield was set up in April 2006 by 2 RAF personnel from the RAF Tactical Air Traffic Control Unit on a gravel dirt track. As 90 minutes later the first airplane landed they id not realize that it would be the 5th-busiest UK-operated airport. Initially designed to handle no more than 3 aircraft movements per week the facility has grown to such an extent that it now handles more traffic than Luton, Edinburgh or Birmingham airport and is busier than the Leeds-Bradford and Coventry airports put together.

Currently combat ops, medevacs and logistic sustainment flights operate from what has become a vital military hub and the air traffic controllers at Camp Bastion are integral to the support of the UK's and joint NATO ops in Helmand. The ATC Squadron at Camp Bastion is the first to recruit and train US Marines to UK air traffic control standards. The coalition partners work alongside each other in the tower and controlling on the ground. The expansion has taken place in 2008 under command of RAF's 904 Expeditionary Air Wing.

Camp Bastion's Hospital, manned by regular and reserve Britis forces personnel, is the location to where wounded military personnel from British and other ISAF forces in Helmand Province are evacuated to from the battlefield and treated, supported by US Navy, Army and Air Force medics.

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