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Camp Cropper

Last modified: 20 Jun 2014

Country: Iraq    Region: Bagdad

Locale: West of Bagdad

Latitude: 33° 14' 57" N     Longitude: 44° 13' 18" E

Area use / Military Branches: US-Army, US-Airforce


New York Times and NBC reported on this place a "Battlefield Interrogation Facility - BIF" and a Camp Nama. Today is this here Camp Cropper located, a notorious prison camp. Camp Cropper was to replace the prison Abu Ghraib after the prisoner abuse there came to public. In Camp Cropper was even Saddam Hussein imprisoned.

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steven carmichael, | 19. June 2010 02:43


in New York I serveded with Fort Drum , in Virginia I know Oliver North served with the Rangers , what is the full name of the rangers, when you go on line and punch in www. you get there complete website could you help me with the website for the rangers

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