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7.Ohio state ANG

Last modified: 05 May 2022

Country: United States    Region: Ohio

Locale: Beightler Armory

Latitude: 40° 5' 17" N     Longitude: -84° 55' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


The Ohio state Air National Guard is operating from several locations:

- Blue Ash ANG Station 3915'25"N 8423'14"W with 178 Wing / 123 Air Control Sq

- Mansfield Lahm ANG Base with 179th Airlift Wing flying C-130H's under AIr Mobility Cmd

- Camp Perry Training facility 4132'0"N 83 1'10"W with 200 Redhorse Sq

- Rickenbacker ANG Base 3948'52"N 8256'35"W with 121th Air Refueling Wing operating KC-135R's under Air Mobility Cmd

- Springfield - Beckley ANG Base 3951'0"N 8349'57"W with 178th Wing operating MQ!-1 Predator under Air Combat Cmd

- Toledo Express ANG Base 4135'19"N 8347'40"W with 180 Fighter Wing F-16D's under Air Combat Cmd

- Zanesville ANG Base 3956'52"N 8154'3"W 220th Engineering Installation Sq

- Hq Ohio National Guard at Beightler Armory (Columbus) at grid 40 5'17"N 83 4'3W

April, 15th of 2002 aircraft N379P N8068V N44982 N126CH arrived from Dulles Airport Washington DC Dulles -> Camp Peary (The Farm)

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