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00. AIR/USAFE/ Turkey / Incirlik airbase ☢

Last modified: 12 Jun 2022, submitted by: unknown

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Adana

Latitude: 37° 1' 17" N     Longitude: 35° 26' 43" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Incirlik airbase Constructed 1951 by US forces and subsequently hosted many US Armed Forces units.The main U-2 operating location until 1960, when the Gary Powers' U-2 was shot down over Sverdlovsk. In the 1980's base infrastructure upgraded. and Incirlik played an important role in supporting the Gulf Wars. USAF 39 Tactical Group.became host unit of the base and was redesignated 39th Wing in 1993. Redesignated again 39th Air Base Group in 2003 and again 39th Air Base Wing in 2004.

Currently based:
- 39th Airbase Wing (a non flying unit) tasked with a medical, a mission support and a weapon system security group,
- 728 Air Mobility Squadron
- 717 and 425 Airbase Squadrons

Turkish Air Force:
- 10nci TÜK
- 101 Filo -tanker (KC-135R)

Former NATO / USAFE nuc weapon storage. Replaced by 25x WS3 system holding appx 60 nuc B-61 bombs. Active ( Large nuc QRA facility at grid 37° 0'27 N 35°26'25 E Active.As the USAF is modernising its stock it is to be expected that all existing bombs will be replaced by the latest version 12 by the end of 2022. (© Federation of American Scientists Strategic Security Blog, 28 February 2020).

Missile AD sites at grid:
37° 1'10"N 35°26'55"E 37° 0'29"N 35°26'59"E 37° 0'35"N 35°25'41"E
37° 0'21"N 35°24'7"E 36°59'26"N 35°23'57"E 36°59'21"N 35°24'26"E

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