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CFS Alert

Last modified: 06 Mar 2018

Country: Canada    Region: Nunavut

Locale: Ellesmere Island

Latitude: 82° 30' 0" N     Longitude: -63° 40' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


8229'54"N 6219'33"W CFS Alert, a Canadian Air Force signals intelligence intercept facility located in Alert, Nunavut. In 2009, the Canadian Air Force took command of CFS Alert It is now a unit of 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario and coupled with CFS Leitrim. (See: CFS Leitrim)

Former part of the Distant Early Warning Line radar network, established a building uphill from the DOT's JAWS station to house "High Arctic Long Range Communications Research", or signals intelligence operations and embedded into the International NSA-Echelon intelligence gathering organization.

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