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CFB Kingston

Last modified: 27 Feb 2018

Country: Canada    Region: Ontario

Locale: Kingston

Latitude: 44° 14' 39" N     Longitude: -77° 33' 5" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4414'41"N 7626'51"W CFB Kingston, Ontario.
- HQ 1st Canadian Division. Provides the Canadian Forces with a rapidly deployable joint command and control capacity in order to allow for a comprehensive approach to operations. It is a 1 star general command using CFB Kingston's existing infrastructure and base support. 1 Cdn Div however is under Canadian Joint Operations Command.and consists of: 1st Canadian Division Hq; 4 Engineer Support Regiment; 4th Air Defence Regiment, RCA and 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment

- 1 Canadian Air Division
- 14 Wing Kingston Hq
- 400 Tac Helo Sq operating CH-146 Griffon
- 403 Helo Operational Training Sq operating CH-146 Griffon
- 404 Longrange Patrol & Training Sq for technicians on the CP-140 Aurora
- 408 Tac Helo Sq operating CH-146 Griffon (at 3rd Canadian Division Support Base, Edmonton Alta)
- 427 Special Operations Aviation Sq operating CH-146 Griffon (at CFB Petawawa, Ontario supporting Special Operations Forces Command
- 450 TAc Helo Sq operating CH-147F Chinook (based at CFB Petawawa)
- 430 Tac Helo Sq operating CH-146 (based at CFB Valcartier) for 5 Mech Bde Grp .
- Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC)

- Hq 1 Helo Airlift Wing Kingston operating C-146 Griffons. Providing airlift support of troops and equipment anywhere in the world with tactical helicopter and training squadrons throughout Canada.
- CF Communications and Electronics Branch hosting the CF School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE).
- Land Force Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS),
- CF Joint Signal Regiment,
- CF Joint Ops Group (CFJOG)
- 772 Electronic Warfare Sqn.

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