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AIR Araxos

Last modified: 13 Feb 2019

Country: Greece    Region: Peloponnese

Locale: Kato Achaļa

Latitude: 38° 9' 44" N     Longitude: 21° 24' 53" E

Area use / Military Branches: 116 CW


Araxos airfield historical: a fomer nuclear tasked strikebase in the 1970s - 1990s hosting:
-.335 and 336 Fighter Mira then operating F-104G (strike)

335 Sq deployed to 116 CW at Araxos and operated with F-104s in strike role 1965-1992. In 1993 reassigned 335 Bomber Sq operating the 2nd generation aircraft A-7E and TA-7C Corsair
336 Sq deployed to 116 CW at Araxos operating F-104s in strike role 1966-1993. In 1993 reassigned 336 Bomber Sq operating A-7E and TA-7Cs as OCU.

USAF mission was first established at Araxos in 1961 after a secret agreement between the US and Greece named "Sheepskin".
Initial nuclear sites were at Elevsis for US Army weapons kept in custody for Greek Army and at Souda,Tanagra and Araxos for Air Force weapons.
In 1968, the 7061st MUNSS activated as a custodial unit at Araxos. It was renamed 761st MUNSS in 1993, renamed again 716st MUNSS in 1994 and finally again 731st MUNSS in 1994. From 1968-1995 nuc storage was at grid 38° 9'43"N 21°24'55"E for delivery by Greek aircraft. Later on Araxos had 6 of its 26 small Protective Aircraft Shelters equipped with WS3 vaults for nuc weapon storage with a max. capacity of 24. The vaults were completed in 1997 but after 2000 all special weapons have been withdrawn from Greece for security reasons.

Currently Araxos is an airbase also with a small civil capacity. The base is home of the Hellenic air force 116 Combat wing consisting of:
- 335 and 336 Sq operating F-16C

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