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4. NAV / NNWC / Chesapeake

Last modified: 18 Mar 2021

Country: United States    Region: Virginia

Locale: Chesapeake - Moyok

Latitude: 36° 33' 33" N     Longitude: -77° 43' 54" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Naval Network Warfare Cmd (NETWARCOM) Suffolk executes tactical-level C2 to direct, operate, maintain and secure Navy comms and network systems for DoD Information Networks; leverage Joint Space capabilities for Navy and Joint Operations - as assigned by Commander, Tenth Fleet (C10F).

In 2002, many organizations from several commands, including former Naval Space Cmd, Naval Computer and Telecom Cmd, Fleet Information Warfare Center and Navy Component Task Force to form Naval Network Warfare Command, emphasizing the organization's focus on the operation and defense of USN networks.

In 2005 NETWARCOM brought the former Naval Security Group Activities (NSGAs) under its umbrella and the mission of the command fundamentally changed, making it USN's lead for Information Ops, as well as Networks and Space.

In 2009, the Secretary of Defense directed establishment of US Cyber Command and the establishment of supporting commands. With the establishment of US Fleet Cyber Command / US 10th Fleet, Naval Network Warfare Command was reorganized and its mission revised to operate and defend the USN's portion of the Global Information Grid and to deliver reliable, secure Net-centric and Space warfighting capabilities.

This is Moyock Naval Secure Communications Facility (formerly naval radio station (NAVRADSTA) Receiver and Transmitter sites.
Compound currently consisting of 3 sites.
- This one with the SATCOM dish antennas
- A smaller site with a single radome at 3633'30"N, 7615'2"W
- A converted former HF directionfinder site at 3632'58"N, 7615'29"W

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