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USAr Schweinfurt

Last modified: 20 Nov 2016

Country: Germany    Region: Bayern

Locale: Schweinfurt

Latitude: 50° 2' 59" N     Longitude: 10° 11' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Ledward Barracks. Part of the USAr garrison Schweinfurt. Due to Obama administration armed forces reductions the garrison deactivated. It comprised
- Conn Barracks at grid 50° 3'9"N 10°10'28"E
- Ledward Barracks at grid 50° 3'5"N 10°12'31"E
- Askren Manor military housing area at 50° 2'53"N 10°11'50"E
- Yorktown Village military housing area at 50° 3'26"N 10°12'2"E
- Brönnhof or M training area at 50° 7'44"N 10°14'29"E

Under US Army, Schweinfurt was home to appx 11,000 people at its peak, including 6,000 military, family members, DoD civilian employees and dependents. The last two major tactical units at USAr Schweinfurt were inactivated during double ceremonies, months ahead of the final closure of the base in September 2014.
18th Engineer Bde, 7th Theater Tactical Signal Bde and 72nd Expeditionary Signal Batn cased their colors, symbolizing what was essentially the end of 70 years of US military ops in Schweinfurt.

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