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AIR Meiringen

Last modified: 04 Jul 2019

Country: Switzerland    Region: Bernn

Locale: Meiringen Unterbach

Latitude: 46° 43' 59" N     Longitude: 8° 7' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Airdefence base


Meiringen airbase, (LSMM) is an active airdefence base
- Fighter squadrons 8 with F-5 Tiger and 11 with F/A-18 C/D Hornet both under AirwIng 13 command.
Fs 8 (reserve) being operated by militia pilots (air or freightliner pilots with a valide F-5 rating). Fs 11 being operated by career military pilots.
- Rwy: 10/28 Concrete

Meiringen is an airfield with partly high winter conditions. The base has enough space for 22 F-18's stored in excavated bunkers inside the mountain ridge south of the base. Fog and limited instrument-flying navigational aids are challenging aspects here...
Existing excavated cave from 1957 has completely been expanded, overhauled and converted to accommodate F-5 and F-18 jets.
This shows how it's supposed to be on the inside

The existing cave was expanded and a parallel cave was constructed containing dispersals (F-18's are too heavy to hang them like the F-5's) servicing shops, ammo storage, materiel depot, command facility, fueling capacity and generator and technical facilities to keep it all up and running under normal and CBRN conditions.The facility became ops in 2004 and Meiringen is currently the only Swiss airbase with operational F-18 caves.

Former usage: Hawker Hunter (1960), F-5 Tiger (1978), Cavernes expansion (1998-2003), F/A-18C (2005)

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hanspeter peterhans | 23. August 2008 15:37

farmers and airbase

farmers around the airbase hate the noise. Soon the airbase will be blocked on 09.11.08 or later ...

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