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PLAAF Anshan

Last modified: 17 Aug 2015

Country: China    Region: Shenyang

Locale: Panjin [Panshan]

Latitude: 41° 5' 48" N     Longitude: 122° 51' 18" E

Area use / Military Branches: Fighterbase


Anshan PLAAF airbase; hosting
- 1st Fighter Division fighterwing
- 1 Regiment operating J-11 Flanker B aircraft.
- 2 Regiment operating J-10 Dragon aircraft.
- 3 Regiment operating J-8 Finback aircraft J-8D (J-8IIA or K/JJ8D) is the 1st Chinese fighter equipped with in-flight refuelling system. Except for a fixed, non-retractable IFR probe installed on starboard, This improved variant of J-8 also has upgraded avionics such as HK-13E HUD, 563B INS, JD-3II TACAN and RKL-800A integrated ECM suite, plus an upgraded fire-control radar capable of firing PL-8 IR guided AAMs. Its ground attack capability has been enhanced, with unguided bombs and rockets. J-8Ds have been in service with PLAAF and PLA Naval Aviation since 1996. However it appears that only few pilots are qualified to perform the rendezvous with H-6U tankers. There has been no evidence that PLAAF ever practiced in-flight refuelling at night. With an extended combat radius of 1,200km, these J-8Ds could strengthen PLA's ability of power projection, especially when escorting JH-7 fighter bomber over the South China Sea. Some have been upgraded with an MLS antenna installed on the vertical tailfin. Currently J-8Ds are being upgraded to J-8H. At least one J-8D was seen carrying a BM/KZ900 SIGINT pod under its belly. It can also carry BM/KG300G ECM pod for selfdefense purpose.


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