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AIR Volkel ☢

Last modified: 01 Apr 2021

Country: Netherlands    Region: Province Brabant

Locale: Uden

Latitude: 51° 38' 59" N     Longitude: 5° 40' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Main Ops Base


Volkel airbase A Tactical base wich operated F84 Thunderjet, F84F Thunderstreak, F104 Starfighter and F16 Falcon. Base will be converted into a F35 Lightning base.

312 and 313sq (F-16MLU)
Supporting: 640 (base ops), 900 (tech), 901 (log) sq
USAFE: 703 USAF Munitions Support sq. responsible for storage, maintainance, custody and control until receipt of release message to the NL air force in support of NATO's strike missions. .

The base has 32 hardened shelters. 11 of which equipped with WS3 nuc. weaponstorage system with a max. capacity of 44.
Prior to 1991 B43 and B61 early types were stored in a WSA at grid 5139'53"N 542'10"E with 4 in a QRA area at grid 5139'12"N 542'54"E.
Former Dutch lpoliticians confirmed on base storage of B61's (See: US Nuclear Weapons in Europe A revision of post-Cold War policy, force levels and war planning May 2012).

F-104 Starfighter
F-16A Falcon

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