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NAB São Pedro da Aldeia

Last modified: 16 Apr 2017

Country: Brazil   

Latitude: 22° 49' 9" S     Longitude: -43° 54' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Naval Aviation Base


22°49'7"S 42° 5'45"W São Pedro d'Aldeia. Naval Aviation Base
Providing all facilities to the MB Air Units and to the Center for Aircraft Instruction and Training
Performing maintenance and repair of 2nd and 3rd echelon on MB aircraft and aviation equipment
Providing support to civ and mil employees in the Aeronaval Complex, including their dependents
Providing support to the Campos Novos Radio Station and the Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo

- Centro de Instrução e Adestramento Aeronaval - Naval aviation training center
- 3d Helo Sq (ESQDHU3) operating Helibras UH-12 Squirrel
- 4th Helo Sq (ESQDHU4) operating UH-12 Aeschylus helicopters supporting the ships of the Flotilla and the Marine Corps
- 5th Helo Sq (ESQDHU5) operating Helibras UH-12 Squirrel

and homebase of:
- Naval airwing 11 Aviation Sqn VF-1 Falcões when not deployed at the aircraft carrier Minas Gerais.
VF-1 Falcões (Hawks) operates Douglas AF-1 Skyhawks (former A-4's upgraded to AF-1 level).
- HS-1 Helicopter Sqn 1 Anti Submarine Warfare tasked and operates the SH3 Seaking.
- HU-1 Helicopter Utility Sqn 1 a general purpose support sqn operating light UH-12 and 13 Esquila helicopters.
- HU-2 Helo Utility Sqn 2 a suppt sqn using Aerospatiale Super Pumas and Cougars.
- HA-1 Helicopter Attacksqn 1 is ASW tasked but is also able to deploy boarding units onboard ships with MK-21 Lynx helicopters.
- HI-1 Helicopter Instructionsqn 1 a helo training sqn using Bell Jetranger IIIs

VF-1 Falcões


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