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Sidi Slimane (GMSL)

Last modified: 04 Aug 2012

Country: Morocco   

Latitude: 34° 13' 59" N     Longitude: -7° 57' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: 5th airbase


Sidi Slimane, 5th airbase.
- Fighterwing Sarab
- - 3 fighter sqns operating Mirage 2000s

Note: the old nuclear bomb strorage was especially built to meet the specs of SAC's 5th Munitions Maintenance Sqn which was detached to the 3906th Combat Support Group operating the B-47 reflex bomber sqns at Sidi Slimane AB 1952-1963. Later declassified files made clear that 10 nuclear MK6 (8-140 kilotons yield) and 20 MK36 (9-10 megatons yield) bombs were stored here.A B-47 could carry 1 MK6; A B-52 could carry 2 of them; the MK36s (4x) could only be carried by B-52s

Mirage F-1 web:

Global aircraft web; B-47 Stratojet data

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