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GRND Algerian groundforces general info

Last modified: 01 Feb 2021

Country: Algeria    Region: Overall.

Locale: Algiers

Latitude: 36° 46' 51" N     Longitude: 3° 2' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


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36°46'52"N 3° 2'59"E Algiers Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the Army. The current algerian army strength is appx 255.000 professional and conscript military. Their equipment consists mostly of Russian materiel though other countries nowadays also are acting as supplier.

Officer training is 5 years (1 year basic training; 3 yrs military Academy and 1 year training in one of the branch centres.
NCO training is 1 year NCO national training and 1 year training in one of the branch centres.
Enlisted training is 6 months for Cpl's and 5 months for conscripts at one of the instruction schools.

Army structure is based on 2 armoured divisions; 2 mechanised divisions, a republican guard and an airmobile (para) division located in Military Regions.

- 1st Military Region, Blida. This region covers wilaya d'Alger, wilaya de Blida, wilaya de Médéa, wilaya de Boumerdès, wilaya de Bouira, wilaya de Tizi Ouzou, wilaya de Tipaza and wilaya de M'Sila

- 2nd MR, Oran. Covering Wilaya d'Oran, wilaya de Tlemcen, wilaya de Sidi Bel Abbès, wilaya de Mostaganem, wilaya de Chlef, wilaya de Tiaret, wilaya d'Aïn Témouchent, wilaya de Mascara and wilaya de Saïda

- 3rd MR, Béchar. Covering wilaya de Béchar and wilaya de Tindouf

- 4th MR, Ouargla. Covering wilaya d'Ouargla, wilaya de Laghouat, wilaya d'Illizi, wilaya d'El Oued and wilaya de Ghardia

- 5th MR, Constantine. Covering wilaya de Constantine, wilaya d'Annaba, wilaya de Batna, wilaya de Souk Ahras, wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi , wilaya de Béjaïa, wilaya de Sétif, wilaya de Jijel, wilaya de Skikda, wilaya d'El Tarf, wilaya de Guelma, wilaya de Tébessa and wilaya de Biskra

- 6th MR, Tamanrasset. Covering wilaya de Tamanrasset and wilaya d'Adrar

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