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CFB Borden

Last modified: 19 Aug 2019

Country: Canada    Region: Ontario

Locale: SE of Barrie

Latitude: 44° 16' 12" N     Longitude: -80° 5' 53" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4415'59"N 7954'32"W CFB Borden
- 16 WIng Hq 16 Wing is the basic training facility for all CAF personnel offering air force technical training and professional development.
- Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE)
- CF School of Aerospace Control Operations (CFSACO) is dislocated at Cornwall, Ontario grid 45 1'48"N 7440'55"W (NAV Canada Training Institute)
- Royal Canadian Air Force Academy (RCAF Academy) performing leadership courses
- 16 Wing Air Reserve Flight

- 400 Tactical Helicopter Sq operating CH-146 Griffon from CFB Borden but under 1st Wing command.

- 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group; reporting to 4 Cdn Div. For more info about the rangers see: CFB Yellowknife.

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