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1.RAF Marham

Last modified: 17 Apr 2021

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Norfolk

Locale: Kings Lynn

Latitude: 52° 37' 59" N     Longitude: 0° 33' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


RAF Marham activated 1916 as a base for fighter aircraft. In WW2 it was a Bomber Command base an in the last years of the war Marham hosted reconnaissance Mosquitos. In 1946 the base accommodated USAF B29 Superfortress/Washington’s.

In 1956 Marham became a V Force base, equipped with the Vickers Valiant and started operating as a strategic deterrent. Declassified docs of the Royal Archive revealed that 50 nuclear bombs had been stored at grid 52°38'51"N 0°32'6"E (1957-1978) As V force was replaced by smaller aircraft 24 protective aircraft shelters with WS3 vaults have been built (1980-1982) with a max capacity of 96 nuc bombs. However the actual number never exeeded 50. Marhams strategic deterrent role lasted until 1991 when RAF phased out its WE177 bombs

From 1959-1965 the 242 Airdefence Sq was deployed here operating the Bristol Bloodhound missilesystem.
No 55 Sq activated in 1965, to be followed at the end of the year by No 57 Sq, both operating the Victor Mk lA.specialized in the air-to-air refuelling role. With the arrival of the Canberra’s and the Tornado’s in the early 1980’s, it later became the RAF’s major reconnaissance base..

Currently RAF MArham is one of Britains Main Operating Bases hosting::
- No 1 RAF Air Combat Group
-- Lightning Force Hq
-- 207 and 617 Squadron both operating F-35B Lightning
- No 2 RAF Air Combat Suppot Group
-- 3 RAF Force Protection WIng

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