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2.SIGINT RAF Menwith Hill

Last modified: 04 Jun 2020

Country: United Kingdom    Region: North Yorkshire

Locale: Harrogate

Latitude: 54° 0' 28" N     Longitude: -2° 18' 47" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


RAF Menwith Hill historical:
Established 1956 by US Army Security Agency (USASA) and operated from 1958-1966 as a Hi-Freq radio comms monitoring station. US Army 713th MI Group remained Executive Agent for the Menwith Hill field site.
In 1966, Menwith Hill Station (MHS) was turned over to USAF.with USAF Air Intelligence Agency 451st Intelligence Sq as main user.
Throughout the 1970ís and 1980ís the infrastructure and the number of personnel expanded.
As of 1995 also home of NSGA tennant of USAF Menwith Hill Station.and in 1996, site renamed RAF Menwith Hill to bring it into line with other RAF sites in the UK made available to US forces and control of the site reverted to US Army.
In 2002, admin and log responsibility transferred from US Army to USAF who already provided a similar service to other establishments in the UK. Company G of the Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion (former Marine Suppt Batn) "G" is stationed on Menwith Hill Station and co-located with NSGA Menwith Hill. In 2005 redesignated Navy Information Ops Cmd (NIOC) Menwith Hill UK.

Current:ly RAF Menwith Hill is part of the US DoD world-wide defence communications network.
Its mission is to provide intelligence support for UK, US and allied interests.
It is one of the largest SIGINT facilities in the world and it is highly recognisable by its radomes (golf balls), each containing a satellite tracking dish. The Menwith Hill Regional Security Operations Center (RSOC) is manned by US military personnel; as well as DOD NSA civilians.and UK military personnel.

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