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MoD Lyneham

Last modified: 20 Dec 2016

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Wiltshire

Locale: Lyneham

Latitude: 51° 30' 0" N     Longitude: -2° 1' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Former RAF Lyneham was Centre for Air Transport with the formation of Transport Command in 1943, Lyneham became the first RAF base operating jet transports in 1956 and became RAFs Main Airlift Base. It was home to all RAF Lockheed C-130 Hercules airlifters. Lyneham closed 2012 with the majority of its personnel and other assets having moved to RAF Brize Norton.

Current: RAF decommisioned and renamed MoD Lyneham hosting the
- Hq Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), REME are the technicians and mechanics that consistently inspect, repair, modify and maintain the equipment of the British Army.
- 8 Traning Battalion REME responsible for the trade training of all REME soldiers after their basic training
- Joint Defence Technical Training Establishment
- Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (DSEME)

According to the Army 2020 plan there will be 7 Regular, 2 Training and 6 Army Reserve battalions within REME.
Regular Army Battalions
- 1 Close Support Battalion REME with 4 and 12 CS Companies
- 2 Close Support Battalion REME with 7 and 11 CS Companies
- 3 Close Support Battalion REME with 5 and 20 Armoured Companies and 18 Field Company
- 4 Close Support Battalion REME with 9 and 10 Armoured Companies and 17 Field Company
- 5 Force Support Battalion REME with 1, 2 and 15 Field Companies
- 6 Close Support Battalion REME with 3 and 14 Armoured Companies and 13 Field Company
- 7 Air Assault Battalion REME (Wattisham) with 8 Field Company (Para), 71, 72 and 73 Aviation Companies

Army Reserve Battalions
- 101 Battalion REME, HQ Wrexham, with sub units in Prestatyn, West Bromwich/Telford, Merseyside and Manchester. (Paired with 6 Armd Close Suppt Bn).
- 102 Battalion REME, HQ Newton Aycliffe with sub units in Newcastle, Scunthorpe/Hull and Rotherham/Sheffield. (Paired with 1 Close Suppt Bn).
- 103 Battalion REME, HQ Crawley with sub units in Redhill, Ashford/Bexleyheath, Warley/Barnet and Portsmouth. (Paired with 4 Armd Close Suppt Bn).
- 104 Battalion REME, HQ Northampton with sub units in Swindon, Derby/Nottingham and Coventry/Redditch. (Paired with 5 Force Suppt Bn).
- 105 Battalion REME, HQ Bristol with sub units in Bridgend/Cwmbran, Taunton/Yeovil and Gloucester. (Paired with 3 Armd Close Suppt Bn).
- 106 Battalion REME, HQ East Kilbride with sub units in Edinburgh, Grangemouth, Glasgow and Belfast. (Paired with 2 Close Suppt Bn).

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