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Last modified: 18 Oct 2017

Country: South Korea   

Latitude: 35° 55' 59" N     Longitude: 126° 45' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Kunsan AB a.k.a Gunsan airpt a.k.a. Daegu AB.
Kunsan airbase is a USAF base and home of 8th Fighter Wing, "the Wolfpack," assigned to Pacific Air Forces / 7th Air Force
8FW organisation: 35th Fighter Sq; 80th FS; 8th Aircraft Maintenance Sq; 8th Civil Engineer Sq; 8th Comms Sq; 8th Force Support Sq; 8th Log Readiness Sq;
8th Maintenance Grp; 8th Maintenance Ops Sq; 8th Maintenance Sq; 8th Medical Grp; 8th Medical Ops Sq; 8th Medical Support Sq; 8th Mission Support Grp
8th Operations Grp; 8th Operations Support Sq; and 8th Security Forces Sq.

2-1 ADA (US Army, 35th ADA Brigade, 8th Army) operating PAC3 Patriot msls at grid 3553'47"N 12636'53"E and 3553'42"N 12637'19"E
AN/TPS 75 airdef radar at grid 3555'26"N 12637'19"E
Kunsan AB also hosts the 38th Fighter Group of the Republic of Korea Air Force.

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