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6. USCG Pacific / Distr 11 / San Francisco

Last modified: 29 Jun 2022

Country: United States    Region: Calif

Locale: ..

Latitude: 37° 48' 39" N     Longitude: -123° 38' 16" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3748'40"N 12221'43"W San Francisco
USCG Pacific / Distr 11 / Sector San Fran covering the waters in the greater San Fran area as well as the coastline to the south with:

- USCG Air Station San Francisco at grid 3737'53"N 12223'25"W and USCG Air Stn Point Mugu at 34 7'3"N 119 7'9"W

and also the coastline to the north with:
- Air Station Sacramento at grid 3840'38"N 12123'39"W

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