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Last modified: 16 Jun 2022

Country: United States    Region: Pacific

Locale: Guam

Latitude: 13° 36' 6" N     Longitude: 144° 54' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Joint Region Marianas (JRM) is placed under US Navy jurisdiction and is a combination of all military installations at former USN base Guam and at former Andersen airbase. JRM was established in 2009 and now comprises: former Andersen airbase ; Defense Fuel Support Point Guam ; Polaris Point Sub Support Station ; Orote Point, the main navy base ; Ordnance Annex; North Finegayan Comms Site and Barrigada site.

JRM Andersen (former Andersen airbase) SEE 2. AIR / Joint Region Marianas / Andersen
- USAF 734th Air Mobility Sq
- USAF 36th Wing; 36th Ops Grp
- 36th Contingency Response Grp
- 36th Comms Sq
- 36th Security Force Sq

- Joint Region Marianas (former Naval base Guam) at 1325'16"N 14439'47"E
- Commander Naval Forces Marianas,
- Commander Submarine Squadron 15,
- Coast Guard Sector Guam
- Naval Special Warfare Unit 1 and supporting tenant commands.
It is the homebase of 3 Los Angeles class submarines and of dozens of units operating in support of US Pacific Command, US Pacific Fleet, 7th Fleet and 5th Fleet.

- Polaris Point at 1326'20"N 14440'12"E is the submarine station at Guam. The two wharves at Polaris Point were built to support submarines and the submarine tender homeported at Guam.

- Finegayan controlling station consists of multiple sites.
An old Wullenweber directionfinder at 1335'36"N, 14451'8"E
SATCOM tracking station at 1334'58"N, 14450'57"E
Ground terminal facility at 1335'10"N, 14450'27"E
Semi Automatic Early Warning radar facility at 1336'56"N, 14451'23"E

- Ordnance Annex at 13 22' 27" N 144 42' 7" E
The site encompasses nearly 18,000 acres and is also the site of a reservoir built by Navy Seabees in 1955. Formerly known as Naval Magazine Guam, the Ordnance Annex is a major storage and supply point for many types of conventional and non conventional weapons. The site is being secured by the USMC.

- Former WW2 USAAF Northwest Field at 13 36' 56" N 144 51' 25" E
In the postwar era, Northwest Field (later, Northwest Guam AFB), was closed in 1955.
Current status: training/exercise are a A part of the airfield is since 2001 used as an NSA SIGINT facility and known as US Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Guam. As all other units this is now also part of JRM.

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