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7.Missouri state ArNG

Last modified: 01 Mar 2020, submitted by: andrerushell

Country: United States    Region: Missouri

Locale: Dislocated

Latitude: 37° 14' 58" N     Longitude: -94° 36' 34" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Missouri state National Guard

Army NG units
- 35th Combat Aviation Brigade (deployable) units fly UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, LUH-72 Kiowa observation helicopters, UH-60 Blackhawks utility headquarters and C-12 Huron transport planes. The 35th Combat Aviation Brigade deploys to any area of responsibility to provide command, control, staff planning and supervision of combat aviation brigade operations.The brigade unnits are dislocated at Springfield Airpt 3714'59"N 9323'25"W, (185 Avn Regt and 935 Avn Suppt Bn), and Fort Leonard Wood (106th Avn Regt)

- 35th Engineer Brigade undertakes plans, integrates and directs the execution of engineer missions. Headquartered at Fort Leonard Wood, the 35th Engineer Brigade includes the 1140th Engineer Battalion and 203rd Engineer Battalion.

- 229th Medical Battalion provides a scalable, flexible and modular Medical Battle Command, administrative assistance, logistical support, and technical supervision capability for assigned and attached medical organizations (companies and detachments) task-organized for support of deployed forces.

- The Missouri National Guard has two Military Police Battalions the 205th and 175th under the command and control of 70th Troop Command. Since 2001, every Missouri Military Police Company has been mobilized overseas to Iraq, Afghanistan or Kosovo.

- The Counterdrug Task Force provides specialized equipment, facilities and personnel to aid law enforcement and supplies informed personnel to educate school and community organizations. The Counterdrug Task Force leverages its unique assets in three fronts: Providing analytical support to law enforcement to reduce the supply of illicit drugs, providing prevention professionals to communities to aid in reducing the demand for illicit drugs, and providing aviation support to law enforcement to find illicit drugs in the state. I

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