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Last modified: 25 Aug 2019, submitted by: Bob Altmans

Country: Trinidad and Tobago   

Latitude: 10° 44' 31" N     Longitude: -62° 23' 29" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


1044'32"N 6136'31"W Former USAF AN/FPS-92 tracking radar. The 84ft diameter mechanical dish was part of the US early warning system.
This installation was finished in 1958 and the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) became the first operational missile detection radar in 1959. The system would provide long-range, immediate warning of a missile attack over the polar region utilizing stations in the northern hemisphere.

By 1958, the BMEWS prototype at this Trinidad site provided surveillance and tracking of ballistic missiles, as an overall step in the BMEWS development. The Trinidad radar site commenced operation in 1959, gathering data on missiles fired on the Atlantic Missile Range, satellites and meteors.
In February 1962 Radio Corporation of America (RCA) assumed responsibility for the operation of this radar.

The site had been chosen since the area had already been leased by the UK to the USA since the early 1940s to construct a naval base.
The Trinidad air station operated until 1971 and hs been abandoned since.

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