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Last modified: 08 Feb 2021, submitted by: КПП

Country: Kazakhstan   

Latitude: 42° 53' 53" N     Longitude: 71° 23' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


- Hq Southern Military District Cmd controlling the Almaty Province, Zhambyl Province, South Kazakhstan Province and Kyzylorda Province. The district's main task is ensuring security in the south-eastern borders of the country. The District includes these units:

- 5 Mountain Inf Bde at Taraz
- Separate Motorised Inf Battalion at Lugovoi
- Separate Tank Battalion at Lugovoi
- Separate Recon Battalion at Lugovoi
- Separate Motorised Inf Battalion at Merke
- 6 Mechanized Brigade at Shymkent
- Separate Mountain-Infantry Regiment
- 12 Mechanized Brigade at Otar
- 54 Guards Artillery Brigade at Otar
- 23 Engineer Brigade at Otar
- Ground Training Centrer Karasai Batyr
- 221 Separate Communications Brigade at Taraz
- 232 Engineer Brigade at Kapchagai

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