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Binh Thuy

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Former Binh Thuy airbase (currentlyTrÓ Nˇc airport). US built in 1965 and used by USAF and South Vietnamese Air Force (SVNAF) during the Vietnam War in the IV Corps Tactical Zone of South Vietnam. Captured by the Vietnam People's Army in April 1975.
Former USAF units:
- 22d Tac Air Suppt Sq; - 6255th Airbase Sq; - 9th Aeromedical Evacuation Det; - 38th Airspace Rescue Recovery Sn Det 10; - 7th AF, 211th Operations Sq
- 619th TCS Paddy Control, Eyes and Ears of the Mekong; - 1880th Comms Sq (AFCS); - OL-26 1CEVG (SAC) Combat Skyspot; - 632 Security Force Sq
- Det 15 600 Photo Sq; - 632d Combat Suppt Grp (gunships)

USN unit - VAL 4 NAS "Black Ponies" OV-10s

As USAF redeployed and moved out in 1969, Binh Thuy airbase became HQ for SVNAF 4th Air Division. 74th Wing was supplemented by 84th Tactical Wing in 1972 with helicopter gunships to defense of the Mekong Delta region.
By 1974, SVNAF had these units assigned to the base:
- 4th Air Division (HQ); - 74th Tactical Wing; - 116th/122d Liaison Sq Cessna O-1A, U-17As and U-17B; - 520th/526th/546th Fighter Sq A-37A/B; - 84th Tactical Wing; -- 211th/225th/227th Helo Sq UH-1D Det G; -- 259th Helor Sq Bell UH-1H Hueys (Medevac)
About 4 VNAF AC-47 gunships were assigned to the base.


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