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WW2 Bergen

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Bergens former U-boat base 'Bruno' was starting point for U-boat patrols in the war, from july 1940 until early may 1945. The only type XXI submarine to leave for patrol went from Bergen as the U-2511 sailed from there in may 1945.

Planning of a U-boat base in Bergen started already in 1940 by Organization Todt, The construction of "Bruno" started one year later. The bunker had 7 pens, including 3 dry-docks and 3 "wet-docks". The 7th was used as storage for fuel, oil, torpedoes and spareparts.

Bergen remained quiet in the first years, with only one large air attack. In 1943, the base was also added 2 new camps, "U-stützpunkt lager Prien" and "U-stützpunkt lager Weddingen" connected with the shipyard "Danziger Werft". All changed after the fall of France when BDU West moved to Bergen. A massive expansion programme of the base was launched and several new Flak units were stationed near the bunker.

Late 1944 massive British air raids struck the base. In one occasion, a Tallboy bomb went trough the roof in pen#3, making it unuseable for the rest of the war. The base surrendered along with the rest of Norway in may 1945. Today the bunker is being used as Norwegian navy storage and some private shops.

Built and used 1941-1945 with a docking capacity of 9 boats (3 of which wet and 3 dry) the base was home of 11 Unterseeboots Flotilla under Fregattenkapitan Cohausz (1942-1944) and Fregkpt. Lehmann-Willenbrock (1944-1945) operating VIIC, VIIC41, XXI and XXIII U-boat types.

May 1945

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