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Last modified: 24 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Wyoming

Latitude: 41° 22' 38" N     Longitude: -105° 1' 55" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Warren combined launchcomplex
706th Strategic Wing / 564th Strat Msl Sq operating SM65D Atlas D ICBMs (1958-1965).

564th was programmed for 6 above-ground Atlas D ICBM launch and control facilities grouped together and controlled by 2 launch ops buildings, clustered around a central control facility. The so-called 3 x 2 configuration. The 2 launch complexes of 3 missiles each constituted a squadron. The ICBMs were housed in "coffin launchers" in semi-hardened facilities in which they were stored horizontally above ground. To launch, a 400-ton overhead door was rolled back after which the missile was raised vertical. Once upright, it was fueled with RP-1 and LOX after which it would be ready for launch.

The Atlas missiles were retired and removed in the 1965 and replaced by the LGM-25C Titan II system and 564th SMS deactivated. All mssile sites were later sold off to private ownership after demilitarization, though in current aerial imagery both complexes are very much still intact.
564th operated at grid:
564-A, 10.6 mi NW of Federal WY, 4122′44″N 10458′25″W
564-B, 10.6 mi NW of Federal WY, 4122′43″N 10458′07″W


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