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Last modified: 16 Jun 2022

Country: United States    Region: Washington

Latitude: 48° 22' 18" N     Longitude: -125° 19' 30" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4822′18″N 12440′30″W Makah air station under Air Defense Command 1951-1990
Unit: 758 Radar Sqn
Tasking: Ground Controlled Interception & Early Warning
-1950 758th Aircraft Control & Warning Sqn activated at Bahokus Peak operating an AN/FPS-3 long-range search radar and an AN/CPS-4 height-finder
-renamed Makah air station 1953
-1960 integrated in Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) system, feeding data to DC-12 at McChord, Washington and redesignated 758 Radar Sqn -1963 AN/FPS-7A search radar and AN/FPS-90 and AN/FPS-26A height-finders
- In the 1970s, the AN/FPS-7A was upgraded to AN/FPS-107V1; the AN/FPS-90 height-finder was modified to an AN/FPS-116.
-1979 Makah came under Tactical Air Command (TAC) jurisdiction with inactivation of Air Defense Command
-1980 AN/FPS-107V1 replaced by AN/FPS-91A search set, with an AN/TPS-43E search radar temporarily operating atop the AN/FPS-26A tower during change-over.
-1988 the 758 Radar Sqn deactivated and USAF reduced its presence at Makah air statrion closing most facilities. The radar site was turned over to the FAA, however a small detachment from McChord was assigned to dismantle the radars.
-1990 the AN/FPS-91A was replaced by an FAA-operated ARSR-4 radar. The FAA now uses the radar at the site as part of Joint Surveillance System (JSS).

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