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Last modified: 08 Jun 2014, submitted by: Joker

Country: Brazil   

Latitude: 22° 47' 6" S     Longitude: -44° 49' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Naval Infantry 1st Amphibious Div.


Ilha do Governador; this part is used by the Base de Fuzileiros Navais (MC base) hosting the Divisão Anfíbia (1st Amphibious Div) consisting of
- Command and Control Batn (Batalhão de Comando e Controle),
- 3 Marine Infantry Batns (Batalhão de Fuzileiros Navais (BFN)) "Riachuelo" , "Humaita" and "Paissandu" Batn.
- Marine Arty Batn (Batalhão de Artilharia de Fuzileiros Navais)
- APV Batn (Batalhão de Blindados)
- Tac Air Control & AD Batn (Batalhão de Controle Aerotático e Defesa Antiaérea)

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