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Last modified: 05 Mar 2019

Country: Denmark   

Latitude: 55° 52' 28" N     Longitude: 9° 20' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


ACE High: stands for the Allied Command Europe hi-power communications link covering Europe from Norway to Turkey. ACE High was a NATO L-band troposcatter radio system in the 832.56 to 959.28 MHz band with an average transmitting power -depending of geographical locations- between 1 and 10 kilowatts. ACE High provided long range radio telephone/ telegraph/ teletype comms in NATOs chain of command over 200 channels. Each station had the equipment to multiplex the channels to contain up to 12 different calls each. Coverage went through these links:

Norway: Senja (callsign NSEZ); Bod (NKLZ); Mosjen (NMOZ); Selbu (NSBZ); Srum (NSOZ); Stormyrheia (NSMZ) and Lysenuten (NLYZ)

UK: Mossy Hill (UMSZ); Mormond Hill (UMOZ); Fylingdales (UBOZ); Stenigot (UBIZ) and Coldblow Lane (UMAZ)

Denmark: Kollemorten (DTOZ)

W-Germany: Tannenhausen (AEMZ); Lammersdorf (ALAZ); Bann (ABHZ) and Feldberg (AFEZ)

Belgium: Mons (BCHZ) and Baraque de Fraiture (BFRZ)

France: Berneuil (FFLZ); Rorhbach-ls-Bitche (FROZ); Mont Aot (FADZ); Pierre-sur-haute (FLYZ) and Mont Lachens (FNIZ)

Italy: Monte del Giogo (IMXZ); Dosso dei Galli (IDGZ); Cavriana (IMBZ); Portogruaro (ICEZ); Monte Maggiore (ITLZ); Ischia (IICZ); Monte Manusco(IMMZ) and Monte Lauro (ICZZ)

Greece: Ajos Elefthenios (GKFZ); Pentelikon (GPKZ); Ziros (GZIZ); Zagora (GPIZ); Mount Vitsi (GVIZ) and Maronia (GISZ)

Turkey: Izmir (TBPZ); Kutahya (TKUZ); Gomu Koyu (TKYZ); Elemdag (TEDZ); Merzifon (TKJZ); Bolati Koyu (TPEZ); Pinarbasi (TPIZ); Diyarbakir (TDIZ) and Guveloglu (TDDZ)

Cyprus: Cavo Greko (JCGZ)

This is Kollemorten; the only Danish commolink in the NATO ACE High network (callsign DTOZ). Connected to the north (Norway) and the south (Germany)


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