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Last modified: 01 May 2020

Country: Iran    Region: .

Locale: Omidiyeh

Latitude: 30° 49' 41" N     Longitude: 49° 33' 41" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Omidiyeh combined Mil/Civ airfield.
Notice AD battery at grid 3051'2"N 4930'21"E
The airfield is currently operated by a unit of F-7N Airguard fighters; these are license built Chinese Chengdu J-7's

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Cassara, | 19. May 2016 08:13

Thank you for this a

Thank you for this appealing and quality content. This very informative and interesting content with many eye-opening points. I concur with much of this content and appreciate the wr7#ir&t821e;s perceptions.

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