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Luftwaffe Memmingerberg

Last modified: 24 Nov 2017

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Memmingerberg. Heute

Built in 1938 as a Nazi airbase; after WW2 a refugee camp; a US army training compound and converted into an airbase again from 1955-1958. Base became ops 1959 hosting GE 34th Fighter/bomberwing operating F-84F Thunderstreaks (1959-1963), F-104 Starfighters (1964-1986) and IDS Panavia Tornados (1987-2002).

From 1966-1974 on the base hosted USAF 7261st MUNition Support Sq responsible for maintenance & security of 20x B43 nuclear bombs in a spec ammo storage at grid 47°59'15"N 10°16'43"E and a Quick Reaction Alert at grid 47°58'57"N 0°13'45"E. In 1974 a new SAS was built at grid 47°58'41"N 10°14'11"E and 7261st MUNSS reassigned 605th MUNSS. By then all B43's had been replaced by B61 types. In 2009 declassified USAF docs ( revealed that in 1974 all B43's were airlifted to Ramstein being replaced by Dummy B61's... 605th MUNSS and the new SAS were only Decoys - earmarked for B61 storage in times of war - but no more real storage from 1975-1995. Confirmed by the last 605th Commanders (LtCol USAF Heaton and Maj Golieri).

After German reunification 605th MUNSS dissolved 1996 and 34th Ftr/Bomberwing dissolved 2001.
Panavia Tornado IDS

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