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Luftwaffe Memmingerberg

Last modified: 15 Oct 2018

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Memmingerberg. Heute

Built in 1938 as a Nazi base; after WW2 a refugee camp; US army training compound and converted into an airbase again from 1955-1958. Becoming ops 1959 hosting GE 34th Fighter/bomberwing operating F-84F Thunderstreaks (1959-1963), F-104 Starfighters (1964-1986) and Panavia Tornados (1987-2002).

From 1966-1974 the base hosted USAF 7261st MUNition Support Sq responsible for maintenance & security of 20x B43 nuclear bombs in a spec ammo storage at grid 47°59'15"N 10°16'43"E and a Quick Reaction Alert at grid 47°58'57"N 10°13'45"E. In 1974 a new SAS was built at grid 47°58'41"N 10°14'11"E and 7261st MUNSS reassigned into 605th MUNSS. By then all B43's had been replaced by B61's .

However declassified USAF docs (© 2001) revealed that in 1974 all B43's were airlifted to Ramstein to be replaced by Dummy B61's. As of 1975 605th MUNSS and the new SAS were decoys - only earmarked for B61 storage in times of war - but no more real storage. Later this had been verified and confirmed by the last 605th Commanders (LtCol USAF Heaton and Maj Golieri).

After German reunification 605th MUNSS dissolved 1996 and 34th Ftr/Bomberwing dissolved 2001.
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