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AIR Bukit Ibam

Last modified: 29 Oct 2019, submitted by: Joker

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Grid 310'57"N 103 0'39"E TUDM Bukit Ibam
This unit is a 322 Sq a Control Reporting Post operating an Alenia Martello S-743 D-band (1 - 2 GHz) long-range surveillance radar in the malaysian national air defence system.
NOTE: TUDM radarsystem has been upgraded

Currently used:
2x Ground Master 400 S band 3d Air Surveillance Radar
1x RAT-31DL S band 3d phased array ASR
2x RAT-31SL S band 3d phased array ASR
2x Martello S-743D D band 3d ASR
2x EADS TRML-3D C band 3d phased array ASR
2x Passive Sensor VERA-E ASR

Research of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) in 2014 showed a radar observation by Kuala Lumpur ACC secondary radar until it disappeared. Military authorities were reluctant releasing info collected by military radar in the region. They didn't like revealing their capabilities. Then they announced TUDM had not collected any data at all! According to AP press releases however TUDM radarsystem was non-ops because of missing crucial spareparts and a lack of qualified operators...

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