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Leznica-Wielka / Łęczyca (EPLY). Former Warsaw pact Army Aviation base

Former base of 37.PST, later redesignated as 1 Pułk "Szwolezerow Ziemi Leczyckiej im marszalka Josefa Pilsudskiego" (1PSZL - Josef Pilsudskiego Regiment of the Leczyca region). Later again redesignated as 37.DL.
37 Pułk Śmigłowców Transportowych (37 Transport Helicopter Regiment) at Leznica Wielka was main user of the Mi-8 Hip in multiple versions during the Cold War.

Actual status: Army Aviation
37 'Ziemia Leczycka' Dywizjon Lotnicze
1 ES Mi-8, Mi-17
2 ES Mi-8, Mi-17
3 ES Mi-8, Mi-17

ES = Eskadra Smiglowcow (Helicopter Squadron)

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