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HDF Debrecen garrison

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Former USSR base Debrecen, (Дебрецен). Russian Call sign "GORJET" (ГОРЖЕТ) based Suchoi SU-24 Fencer and MiG-27 Flogger units.
Declassified docs revealed that 4 shelters at grid 4729'43"N 2136'53"E used to be for special weapon storage.

Current status: Civil airport and also homebase of some HDF units:
- 21 Radar Company

- 5 Infantry Brigade with Cmd and Signal Companies
-- 39 Inf Battalion
-- Ops Suppt Engineers Battalion and Combat Eng Company
-- Log Battalion

- 24 Recon Regiment with Cmd & Signal Company
-- Recon Company
-- Longrange Recon Company
-- HUMINT Company
-- UAV Company
-- Elec Warfare Company
-- Log Company

- MP Group Debrecen

SU-24 data

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