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Last modified: 05 May 2014, submitted by: Joker

Country: Hungary    Region:

Locale: Pápa

Latitude: 47° 21' 43" N     Longitude: 17° 29' 22" E

Area use / Military Branches: Airbase & multi unit garrison


Pápa airbase. A former Warsaw Pact base operating Soviet aircraft such as MiG-15's, Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3's), Yak-12's and 18's (1950's). As of 1957 the MiG-15's were reinforced with allweather MiG-17's and later MiG-19's in 1960. As of 1963 MiG-21's, of which Pápa had appx 80 in open storage, started to arrive.
83 MiG-21F-13's were delivered from 1961-1962 and from 1964 another bulk of 24 MiG-21PF's followed. These MiG-21PF's were operational until 1989 when they were retired. MH 47 Regiment at Pápa received 12 MiG-23M Floggers and 3 two-seat UB's in 1979. Pápa's MiG-23 Floggers were decommissioned 1996.

Current status:
- Airbase and home of NATO Heavy Airlift Wing (C-17 Globemaster III). Activation of the wing started 2009 and supplies NATO so called Strategic Airlift Capability.
Tasking: providing Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) service, receiving aircraft of the Hungarian Defence Forces, supporting the activities of the western region air search and rescue (SAR) service.

Website about arrival of the first C-17's
Hungarian Airforce

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