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Last modified: 29 Aug 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Austria    Region: Thalgau

Locale: Kolomannsberg

Latitude: 47° 52' 38" N     Longitude: 13° 16' 32" E

Area use / Military Branches: EW & AD radar


Kolomannsberg (ORS-K) radar is equipped with a RAT 31 DLR radar; an L(D)-Band longrange 3D air surveillance radar with a range of appx 300 nautical miles. 3 fixed and coupled radarstations are key elements in the Austrian Goldhaube (Goldencap) EW & AD system. With their primary and secondary radars they can triangulate any aircraft position; heading and altitude (3D radarpicture). The site at Kolomannsberg is also a functional Control & Reporting Post.

This fixed system may be extended in crisis or exercise by using Mobile radarunits operating :
- Selenia Mobile Radar Control System (MRCS) 403
- Thomson Ziel Zuweisungs Radar (Target Illuminator) and Tiefflieger Erfassungs Radar (Lowlevel Altitude Aquisition Radar)

All systems coupled this results in the complete Goldhaube system guaranteeing a far better radar coverage, alerting and eventual intercepting sequence

AD radar

LRU patch


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