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AIR Gando

Last modified: 11 Feb 2021, submitted by: Dr. med Mabuse

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27°56'14"N 15°22'31"W The military part of Gran Canaria airport is Gando airbase,
- Grupo de Alerta y Control (GRUALERCON) - Radar Alert and Control Grp
- Mando Aéreo de Canarias (MACAN)
- ALA 46 (46 Airwing) detachment operating F-18A Hornet multirole fighters, Airbus Helicopter AS.332 Super Puma y AS.532 Cougar (HD.21/HT.21/HT.27)

- Escuadrilla de Circulación Aérea Operativa de Las Palmas (ECAO 7) - Airtraffic Control Sqn 7
- 802 SAR sqn equipped with Aerospatiale AS.332 -Superpuma, AS.532 -Cougar-Fokker F-27 maritime.
Other units detached here are only for exercices and on an irregular basis.

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