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Last modified: 29 Mar 2021, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: United States    Region: Arizona

Locale: Yuma desert

Latitude: 33° 19' 1" N     Longitude: -116° 35' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Former USAF Yuma desert range; currently the Barry M. Goldwater Range
The BMG range is a bombing range in the state of Arizona, between the Mexican–US border. The range is primarily used for air-to-ground bombing practicing by USAF A-10's from Davis–Monthan airbase, F-16's and F-35's from Luke airbase and Tucson ANG base and MC F/A-18's, AV-8B's and F-35B's flying from MCAS Yuma

An example of the many targets spread over the range
SA-3 target missile site in the firing/bombing range
Other SA-3s at 33°18'32"N 115°24'18"W ; 33°19'01"N 115°24'18"W ; 33°15'36"N 115° 07'58"W ; 33°15'58"N 115°07'46"W
33°16'15"N 115°07'16"W ; 33°16'22"N 115°07'32"W ; 33°26'39"N 115°26'28"W ; 33°26'47"N 115°26'18"W ; 33°26'35"N 115°26'12"W

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