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Last modified: 30 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Calif.

Locale: Lompoc

Latitude: 34° 44' 14" N     Longitude: -121° 24' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Vandenberg space force base, Lompoc Calif. Former army camp Cooke (1941-1953). Cooke Air Force Base (1956-1958) Renamed Vandenberg Airbase 1959 for ballistic missile testing. Former units 704th Strategic Missile Wing 1957 - 1959. 576 Misslie Sq (MS), 644 MS, 672 MS, 854 MS, 865 MS, 866 MS.

Currently: Vandenberg spaceforce base
- USSF / Hq Combined Force Space Component Command (CSCC) A US–led multinational subordinate command under USSF responsible for tactical control and planning global space operations. CSCC includes 4 centers:
-- Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) at Vandenberg airbase and (MWC), at Cheyenne Mountain air Station, Colorado; (JOPC), at Buckley airbase, Colorado and (JNWC), at Kirtland airbase, New Mexico

- USSF / Space Delta 5. Responsible for preparing, presenting, and fighting assigned and attached forces to conduct operational-level command and control (C2). It provides the majority of the forces and the structure for the Combined Space Operations Center.

- USSF / 30 Space Wing (SW) responsible for all space launch ops from the west coast, The 30th SW also supports test and evaluation launches of the USAF ICBM force with 30 Ops Grp: 30 Mission Suppt Grp: 381st Training Group
- 576th Flight Test Sq. USAF's only ICBM test squadron executing tests that accurately measure current and future capability of the ICBM force.
- 21st Space Operations Sq (Vandenberg detachment); operates the Ellison Onizuka Satellite Operations Facility (EOSOF) at Vandenberg the Global Positioning System Alternate Master Control Station and an AFSCN Remote Tracking Station (SEE: 6.Air Force Space Cmd - Schriever airbase for more GPS information).
-- Small supprting units: Civil Air Patrol; Area Defense Counsel and AFOSI

Active launch sites:
- 34°45′19″N 120°37′20″W / Space Launch Center 2W (1959 – present)
- 34°38′25″N 120°35′23″W / SLC 3E (1961 – present)
- 34°37′55″N 120°36′36″W / SLC 4E (1964 – present)
- 34°34′52″N 120°37′39″W / SLC 6 (1995 – present)
- 34°34′34″N 120°37′56″W / SLC 8 (2000 – present)
- 34°44′22″N 120°37′08″W / LC 576 E (1962 – 1964; 1998 – present)
- 34°50′46″N 120°34′52″W / LF-03 (former 394-A2) 394-A2 (1963), LF-03 (1964 – present)
- 34°51′32″N 120°36′24″W / LF-04 (former 394-A3) 394-A3 (1962 – 1963), LF-04 (1964 – present)
- 34°51′39″N 120°35′00″W / LCC-01 (former LF-10)
- 34°51′39″N 120°35′44″W / LF-21 (1965-present)
- 34°48′15″N 120°35′20″W / TP-83 (1983-present)

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Bobby Rogers | 12. May 2021 19:03

Can't tell if this is serious or not, huh. I think that it's not that hard to understandm but I can't really wrap my head around it, so I would rather use as it is my favorite service of choosing, did not see a better one yet, and I don't think I will.

Jack William, | 13. June 2020 18:07


Air Force is doing well in past few years and they are supporting the whole country. They are the one who protect us.

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