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Last modified: 04 Jul 2022

Country: United States    Region: Missouri

Locale: .

Latitude: 38° 37' 23" N     Longitude: -91° 47' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3837'24"N 9012'2"W St Louis MO
- USCG Atlantic / Distr 8 / Sector UPPER Mississippi River comprises 3 Marine Safety Detachments, five River Buoy Tenders, and a boat forces unit with 5 response boats covering the upper missisippi river

- Marine Safety Det Peoria IL covers Illinois River: Mile marker 65.0 to 187.0
- MSD Quad Cities at Rock Island IL and covers Upper Mississippi River: Mile marker 343.0 to 615.0
- MSD St Paul MN covers Upper Mississippi River: Mile marker 615.0 to 1235; Missouri River: Mile marker 734.0 to 980.0; St. Croix River: Mile marker 0.0 to 51.8 and Minnesota River: All

35 9'33"N 90 3'0"W Memphis TN
- USCG Atlantic / Distr 8 / Sector LOWER Mississippi River is located on the bank of the Mississippi River in the heart of Memphis, TN. The Sector is the parent command to one Marine Safety Detachment, 6 Buoy tenders, one aid to navigation boat and two response boats.

- Aids to Navigation Team Colfax LA
- Marine Safety Detached Duty (MSDD) Fort Smith AR covers Arkansas River 444.8-126.5; Bull Shoals Lake; Lake Hamilton; Lake Dardanelle and Lake Catherine
- Marine Safety Detached Duty (MSDD) Greenville MS covers Mississippi River 480-600; Quachita/Black 200-220.5; White 0-57; Yazoo 57-188 and Arkansas 0-51
- Marine Safety Detachment (MSD) Vicksburg MS covers Mississippi River 303-480; Quachita/Black 0-200; Red 0-236 and Yazoo 0-57

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