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Last modified: 30 Jul 2012

Country: India    Region: Gujarrat

Latitude: 23° 13' 20" N     Longitude: 68° 53' 28" E

Area use / Military Branches: Airbase


Naliyah Air Station; a small fighterbase in the western part of the country.
Base is hosting
- 10 (Daggers) Sqn
- 101 (Falcons) Sqn
Both units flying the Mig-21 in close air support configuration

Local AD units:
EW radar at 2313'41"N 6853'21"E
1 x P-12/18 SPOON REST; 1 x Indra-II
SA-3s at 2313'29"N 6854'48"E and 2313'01"N 6852'18"E (looking like non-ops)
Troposcatter IAF commolink at 2312'53"N 6853'47"E connection to Jamnagar

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