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Last modified: 13 Apr 2022

Country: France    Region: Champagne Ardenne

Locale: Suippes

Latitude: 49° 7' 36" N     Longitude: 4° 33' 12" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Suippes; Quartier Maunoury
- 40e régiment d'artillerie / 40e RA (40th Arty Regt)
The arty component of the 2e Brigade Blindée (2nd armd bde) 40 RA is operating in 8 batteries using the Canon 155 AUF1; Mortar 120mm; ATLAS Canon.
Unit composition: 8 batteries, 7 active and 1 reserve:

Note: former 15e Régiment d'Artillerie Pluton (later on Hades) shortrange missile nuc warhead storage used to be at grid 49° 8'9"N 4°37'10"E

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