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AIR Bucharest

Last modified: 20 Nov 2019

Country: Romania   

Locale: Bucuresti

Latitude: 44° 34' 19" N     Longitude: 26° 6' 7" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Bucharest Intl Airpt. is a joint civil/military airfield also basing
- 90 Airlift Wing with
-- 901 Tac Airlift Sq operating C-130H Hercules
-- 902 Transport and Recon Sq operating C-27J Spartan and An-30
-- 903 Transport Helicopter Sq operating IAR-330L/M Socat

- 91 Logistic base

Nearby based and also part of Bucharest AIR garrison
- 70 Engineers / EOD Centre at grid 4428'41"N 2613'43"E
- 1 Air Defence Brigade hq at grid 4428'53"N 2557'38"E
- 76 CSR Brigade hq at grid 4425'36"N 26 7'3"E

September, 22nd of 2003 aircraft N313P N4476S flew to Rabat Airport Romania - Morocco
September, 22nd of 2003 aircraft N313P N4476S arrived from Szymany airfield Szymani - Romania

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